Composite Cladding

ArborClad is our solution to high quality cladding for exteriors; low maintenance yet long lasting, and made from 95 per cent recycled wood and plastic material.

Our ArborClad products are available in four different colours: Anthracite, Stone, Amber, and Smoke, with an attractive woodgrain surface finish. It offers outstanding moisture and thermal resistance, virtually eliminating the issues commonly associated with board expansion and contraction. Made with ultra-violet resistance, ArborClad won’t fade from sun exposure, and its long lifespan means you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this high quality product for a long time to come.

*Manufacturer warranty is subject to terms and conditions, contact us for full details.

ArborClad tongue and grooved cladding

21mm x 156mm x 3.6m

ArborClad L trim

65mm x 65mm x 3.6m



ArborClad is available in four colours with an attractive woodgrain surface finish

All colours shown are representative. Please request a sample before ordering.


How do I install the wood plastic composite cladding?

Please refer to our composite cladding installation guide here.

Will I get a colour difference with my cladding?

ArborClad composite boards are produced in batches and made from 60 per cent recycled hardwood material, making this a natural product. Due to this, there may be slight colour variations which can be more noticeable when ordering different lengths or laying ‘wide groove up’. To avoid this, it is advised to purchase boards in the same lengths and order in the correct amount to ensure boards are picked from the same batch.

How long does composite cladding last?

ArborClad comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on all extrusion cladding and 25 years on all co-extrusion cladding, resulting in peace of mind with your purchase. When looked after well, wood plastic composite cladding will last in excess of the 10-25 years’ warranty.

Will Arbor Forest Products’ composite cladding fade because of exposure to the sun?

The superior technology used in ArborClad production gives the boards great ultra-violet resistance. These have been tested using direct UV for hundreds of hours with minimal change.

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