Elevate your living space with Trex RainEscape® Deck Drainage System

Its unique design drains water away from your deck allowing the area below to be dry and safe from the elements. The revolutionary system is easy to install on any new deck. It can even be installed on an existing deck by lifting the boards before installation.

Once the trex rainescape deck drainage system is installed, utilities such as electrical wiring and gas lines can be added, then covered with the ceiling of your choice.

Trex Rainescape allows a living room underneath an elevated deck
Trex RainEscape cross section

Trex RainEscape features

The troughs and downspouts are installed under the deck

Trex RainEscape troughs

These effectively drain water away from the deck


Bringing the comforts of the indoors outside


Trex RainEscape product specification

Download the Trex RainEscape product specification PDF >

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