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Trex Transcend®

The original and best-selling range, Trex Transcend features our signature high-performance Trex shell, making it suitable for even the heaviest duty applications, with none of the maintenance associated with a timber deck.

Transcend Deck & Fascia Boards

Suitable for residential & commercial applications (depth / width / length)

Transcend grooved edge board
Transcend grooved edge board

Grooved Edge Board

25mm x 140mm x 3.66m
25mm x 140mm x 4.88m

Transcend solid edge board
Transcend solid edge board

Solid Edge Board

25mm x 140mm x 3.66m
25mm x 140mm x 4.88m

Transcend fascia board
Transcend fascia board

Fascia Board

14mm x 184mm x 3.66m
14mm x 286mm x 3.66m

Trex Transcend® is available in five colours

Sample of transcend island mist coloured wood.
Dining area in Trex Transcend Island Mist

Island Mist

This calm, silvery shade mimics the natural look and feel of aged tropical hardwood.

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Transcend Board in Tiki Torch
Seating area in Transcend Tiki Torch

Tiki Torch

A warm, earthy shade featuring striking rich, reddish-brown hardwood streaking.

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Sample of transcend lava rock coloured wood.
Balcony in Trex Transcend Lava Rock

Lava Rock

Reddish black hardwood streaking creates a deep and evocative setting for long, hot summer barbecues.

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Transcend Board in Shade Spiced Rum
Dining area in Trex Transcend Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum

The warm umber hue feels rich and earthy adding a touch of the Caribbean to any home.

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Transcend Board in Shade Gravel Path
Balcony area in Gravel Path

Gravel Path

The pristine grey of a period carriage path creates a perfect Colonial look.

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Get a feel for Trex with the
Trex inspiration sample pack >

Benefits of Trex Transcend®

A Trex UK first

The first application in the UK of Trex Transcend’s new Island Mist finish!

Create something unique

Depending on which colour Trex board you go for, some boards feature a streaking effect which is unique to each board. Therefore, it is important to lay them all out before installation to get the best combination of light and dark tones for your deck.

See brochures and installation guides

Spiced Rum Trex boards showing light and dark tones
Trex Spiced Rum with Vintage Lantern border

Trex inspiration sample pack

Choosing the perfect product and colour for your decking project can be tricky. Let us help you with the Trex inspiration sample pack.

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